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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

how to make wudu in 4 steps (with pictures)

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how to make wudu in 4 steps (with pictures)

This article contains the meaning of Wudu and its importance, How to make wudu and what breaks wudu, Dua before and Dua after wudu, and FAQ with answers.


What is wudu in Islam?
Wudu meaning: Wudu is an Arabic word which means ablution in English It is an Islamic ritual of the purification of the body. 

Wudu includes cleaning of the mouth, nostrils, face, head, hands, and feet by using water and required to make before performing prayer, reading, and touching or handling the holy Qur’an.

Without wudu, one cannot perform prayer or handle and read the holy Qur’an.  

Importance of wudu:

Why wudu is so important?

1) In Holy Qur'an Allah says:
O believer! When you rise to Salat, wash your faces and your forearms to the elbows, and wipe over your heads and wash your feet to (including) the ankles. (Al-Ma'ida 5:6)

2) Also in Tawbah 9:108 Allah says:
And Allah loves those who purify themselves.

In hadiths, Prophet Muhammad SAW (PBUH) Said:

3) The key to Jannah is Namaz and the key to Namaz is Wudu.

4) He also said: Anyone who performs Wudu excellently, carefully his sins will come out from his body, even coming out from under his nails.

5) Anyone amongst you performs who Wudu completely while fulfilling all the etiquettes and desirables and then recite Ashhadu,

The eight gates of Paradise are opened for him to enter from any one of them that he pleases.

6) And another hadith he said: When a Mu'min slave performs Wudu and rinses his mouth; the sins of his mouth are erased.
When he cleans his nose, the sins of his nose are erased.
When he washes his face, the sins of his face are erased even from beneath his eyelids. When he washes his arms, the sins of his arms are erased even from beneath his fingernails. When he wipes his head with his wet hands, the sins of his head are erased, even from his ears. When he washes his feet, the sins of his feet are erased even from beneath his toenails.
Thereafter his walking towards the masjid and offering Salah is a source of more reward.

7) Also hadith says: He who sleeps at night, by performing Wudu, an angel spends the night, attached to his body. When he gets up from the sleep the Angel supplicates:
O, Allah! Forgive Your Slave, so and so, as he slept duly purified.

8) Prophet Muhammad SAW (PBUH) said: Undoubtedly, anger comes from Shaitan. Indeed Shaitan is created from fire, and verily fire is extinguished with water. So if one of you becomes angry, he should perform Wudu.

9) He who performs Wudu and performs it well, then visits his sick Muslim brother, seeking reward from Allah, he will be moved away from a distance of seventy Year from Hell.

10) The jewelry of a Mu'min (on the Day of Resurrection) will cover the places where the water of ablution reaches.

Prohibited water for wudu:

1) Already used water for wudu, ghusl, or any other purification procedure.
2) Impure dirty water.
3) Water with the change in color, taste, and smell bad.
4) Water with blood, stool, urine, or any animal dead in that water.

How to make wudu in 4 steps:

You can make Wudu by using two procedures,
farz (obligatory) wudu and Sunnah wudu.

1) How to do Farz wudu steps:

It is performed in 4 steps as given order and wudu will not complete if you miss any one of the steps.

  1. Wash the whole face with water starting from the hairline of the forehead to chin and one earlobe to another earlobe.
    how to make wudu in steps
  2. Then wash both hands including elbows, start from right hand then left hand.
    how to make wudu steps
  3. Masah of the head with water, gently wipe with wet palms from forehead to back and again from the back of the head to the forehead.
    how to make wudu in steps
  4.  Wash feet including ankles, first right foot, and ankle then left foot and ankle.
    how to make wudu in steps

When Farz Wudu is mandatory:

  • To perform every Salah.
  • For Janazah (funeral) prayer.
  • When to touch the holy Quran.
  • Before handle and read Quran.

2) How to perform Sunnah wudu steps:

Sunnah Wudu is the additional step in wudu, which was performed by Prophet Muhammad SAW (PBUH).

  1. Make niyath or Intention of wudu.
  2. Say “Bismillah”
  3. Wash right hand first then left and Wrists three times.
    how to make wudu step
  4. Brush teeth by using miswak, if miswak is not available use finger to rub teeth.
  5. Take water in the mouth with the right hand and rinse your mouth three times.
    how to make wudu step
  6. Clean nostrils by putting water in it then blow it out or wash your nostrils by using right wet finger thrice.
    how to make wudu step
  7. Wash face starting from hairline of the forehead to chin and one earlobe to another earlobe three times, wash and clean your beard by using wet fingers three times.
    how to make wudu step
  8. Wash right wrist to elbow and in between fingers by rubbing three times, then wash left.
    how to make wudu step
  9. Perform Masah of head and ears- wipe with wet palms from forehead to back head and return to the forehead. Perform Masah only once.
    how to make wudu step

  10. Wash both feet up to ankles, toe, and in between fingers. Wash right foot and ankle first.
    how to make wudu step
  11. Recite Dua after wudu.
NOTE: Wudu should be performed with such care that no part of the skin should remain dry.

Wudu Dua's:

1) Before making of wudu read Dua:

“Bismillahil Azimee wal-ham-du lillahi ala-deenil islam”

2) Dua after wudu: 

After wudu one should recite Durood then by seeing toward sky and read Ashhadu:
“Ash-hadu-Allah-illaha-illahah wa-ash-hadu ann-muhamaddan ab-duhu wa rasuluhu”

And then recite this Dua:
“allahummaz aal-ni minttwwabi-n waz-aal-ni minal mu-ta-tahhirin”

In hadith, Prophet Muhammad SAW (PBUH) said: Whoever performs a Wudu similar to my Wudu, then stands and offers two Rak'at, not thinking of anything else with complete concentration, all his previous sins are forgiven.

When Sunnah Wudu is required:

  • When you give Adhan and Tak’bir.
  • To read jummah and Eid khudba.
  • Visit Prophet Muhammad SAW (PBUH)’s grave.
  • Before Farz Ghusl.

What breaks Wudu? 

 Things that break wudu
  1. Urination or Defecation or any other discharge from urethra or anus. (Semen discharge required Ghusl)
  2. Flatulence.
  3. Bleeding or pus is coming out from any part of the body.
  4. Vomiting*
  5. Sleeping by using any support*
  6. By fainting.
  7. Loss of senses.
  8. Laughing while performing Salah. 
If Mouthful vomiting contains pus or water or food or blood, it breaks the wudu and if vomiting contains only cough it does not break wudu.

Sleeping without any support for example, sleeping while standing or sitting or slipping in Salah does not break the wudu.

People also ask:

1) How do you perform Wudu?
Farz wudu is easy to perform; you can make Farz wudu only in four steps, which are given above.

2) Can I do Wudu in the shower?
Yes, you can make wudu in the shower; in fact making wudu in the shower is considered as a Sunnah and you just need to follow the wudu order.

3) Is Wudu necessary after ghusl?
There are two different things, shower, and ghusl.
If you are taking a shower without steps performing steps given in ghusl then you need to make wudu.
If you have performed ghusl as per the given procedure, then you don’t need to do wudu.

4) Does burping invalidate Wudu?
No, burping does not invalidate the wudu, flatulence does break wudu.

5) Do you have to do wudu before every prayer?
6) Should Wudu be done again for offering namaz after reciting Quran with Wudu?
7) Is it necessary to perform Wudu before every obligatory prayer even if I am already in Wudhu?
If your wudu is not broken, you can pray with the previous wudu.
It is not necessary to make it again but it is better to do wudu. As per hadith; for a person who performs Wudu (while already) in a state of purity, for him ten virtues are written. (Abu Dawud)

Note: Islamic scholars have written that condition for making fresh
Wudu, while already in a state of Wudu, is that one has performed any form of worship with the previous Wudu.

8) What is Wudu called in English?
Wudu is called ablution in English and wudu is an Arabic word. 

9) Can you do Wudu without water?
Yes, you can do wudu without water and the process is called tayammum.

10) What is masah in Wudu?
11) How do you do masah of the head?
Masah of the head, it is wiping off the head from the forehead to back part of the head by both wet palms, and return back to forehead again.
Masah is done only once in wudu.

11) Is Wudu necessary after ghusl?
12) Does a bath count as Wudu?
13) Does a shower count as wudu/ablution?
During shower if you followed all steps given in wudu as per order, then only it is counted as wudu. Otherwise you have to perform wudu before prayer.

14) Is it necessary to be in wudu to break Ramadan fast?
No, it is not necessary to be in wudu to break Ramadan fast, wudu is compulsory for prayer.

15) Is pausing my wudu allowed if I have to leave the room and come back while in the middle of wudu?
No, it is not allowed, wudu should be done very carefully; in fact, wudu should be completed in such a way that no part of the skin should remain dry. 

It means if you paused wudu, leave somewhere then come back, and in between that time if a very small a portion of skin became dry you have to perform wudu from the first step.

16) Does brushing your teeth break your wudu?
No, brushing your teeth does not break your wudu.

17) Do I need wuzu to read 99 names of Allah?
No, for reading 99 names of Allah, you did not need wudu. Wudu is required for performing every prayer and handling or reading the Quran.

18) Does holding in a fart break wudu (ablution)?
No, holding a fart does not break wudu, it breaks because of flatulence. If you heard the sound or smelled it or when you are confirmed that you are farted.

19) Can Dua be made without Wudu?
For Dua wudu is not required, you can do Dua without wudu.

20) Does laughing loudly break wudu?
Yes, laughing loudly in prayer breaks your wudu but smiling does not invalidate it.

21) Do long nails invalidate Wudu?
No, long nails do not invalidate wudu, but do wudu carefully, do not let remain any part of skin dry.

22) Does spitting break wudu?
No, spitting does not invalidate wudu.

23) Can I pray with nail polish?
As per hadith; in wudu no part of the skin should remain dry, so if your nail polish is washable then you can perform wudu and pray.
But some nail polishes make a hard layer on the nail and its skin part, and while performing wudu the water did not reach to that nail skin part and it remains dry.

So, it is not considered as wudu and you cannot perform prayer.

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Friday, May 15, 2020

dua e istikhara in english, how to pray in 4 steps

May 15, 2020 0
dua e istikhara in english, how to pray in 4 steps

Dua e istikhara:

Dua e istikhara is also well known as istikhara Dua in English. Basically, Istikhara is a Masnoon Dua to seek guidance from Allah in every decision in life.

What is the significance of Istikhara in Islam?

Significance of dua e istikhara:

Is Dua e istikhara is only for major life decisions?
Many Muslims think that Istikara is only for major decisions, when they stuck, confused, they don’t know what to do or cannot decide which one is the right decision.

Remember, Dua e istikhara is useful in all decisions. In fact, as per the Hadith Narrated Jabir bin 'Abdullah, Prophet Muhammad SAW (PBUH) used to teach the sahaba’s how to do (pray) Dua e istikhara in all matters. (Sahih-al-Bukhari Vol 2, Book 21, No 263)

“In All Matters” it means, you can use Dua e istikhara in each and every decision of your life.

In another hadith Narrated Jabir bin Abdullah, Prophet Muhammad SAW (PBUH) used to say, "If anyone of you intends to do something, he should offer two Rakat prayers other than the obligatory (Farz) prayers & after finishing it, he should pray Dua e istikhara. 
(Sahih-al- Bukhari, Vol 9, Book 93, No 487)

Hope, now you understand the importance of dua e istikhara using these Hadiths.

istikhara Dua in Arabic:

Dua e istikhara in Arabic
istikhara dua in Arabic

Dua e istikhara In English Transliteration:

Dua e istikhara in English Transliteration

Dua-e-istikhara in English Transliteration

Dua e istikhara meaning in English:

What is Istikhara?
What is a Dua of Istikhara?
“khara” means Khair- “good”
Istikhara means asking Allah for good. 
(Muntakhab Ahadith, Eng., Hadith No. 189)

Dua e istikhara means to ask Allah to guide one to the right sort of action concerning any job or a deed. 
(Sahih-al-Bukhari Vol 2, Book 21, Number 263)

Here is the true meaning of Dua e istikhara in English taken from Hadith. (Muntakhab Ahadith, Eng., Hadith No. 189)
Dua e istikhara meaning in English
Dua-e-istikhara meaning in English

How to do (pray) Dua e istikhara:

Here we are giving the how to do (pray) Dua e istikhara step by step in the easiest way. Read them carefully, each step is necessary, otherwise, Istikhara will not complete it. 

Other than this Dua e istikhara steps no other ways are given in Sahih al Bukhari or Muntakhab Ahadith hadiths and it is very easy to perform.

Istikhara It is just two Rakat salah other than obligatory farz salah also Dua e istikhara is considered as nafl salah.

Once you are done with your farz Salah, then whenever you want to do Dua e istikhara, make intention (niyath) of istikhara salah.

How to do (pray) Dua e istikhara step by step:

Dua e istikhara step 1:

Complete your wudu first then make an intention of istikhara prayer, select a proper and clean place for prayer and face towards Holy Kaaba (Qibla).

*Start your two Rakat salah*

Dua e istikhara step 2: 
Start your 1st rak’at
  • Recite “Allahu Akbar”
  • isteftah Dua
  • Ta’awwuz
  • Tasmiah 
How to do (pray) Dua e istikhara step by step
How to do (pray) Dua e istikhara step by step
After finishing ta'awwuz and tasmiah recite Surah al-Fatiha
How to do (pray) Dua e istikhara step by step
How to do (pray) Dua e istikhara step by step 
Then recite any Surah you know as per order.
  • Recite “Allahu Akbar”
  • and go in a ruku posture.
How to do (pray) Dua e istikhara step by step
How to do (pray) Dua e istikhara step by step
  • Rise from ruku and recite “Samiallah Huliman Hamida”
  • Then “Rabbana lakal Hamd”
How to do (pray) Dua e istikhara step by step
How to do (pray) Dua e istikhara step by step
  • Go in sujood (Sajda) posture and Recite Subhanna Rabbiyal A'laa –Three Times.
How to do (pray) Dua e istikhara step by step
How to do (pray) Dua e istikhara step by step 
  • Rise and sit on your knees
  • Again go in sujood (Sajda) posture (2nd Sujood)
How to do (pray) Dua e istikhara step by step
How to do (pray) Dua e istikhara step by step 
  • Recite "Allahu Akbar" then stand from sujood posture.
Dua-e-istikhara step 3: 
Start your 2nd rak’at 
  • Read Tasmiah “Bismillah hir-Rahma nir-Raheem”
  • Recite surah Al-fatiha as given above.
  • Then any Surah you know as per order (other than first rak’at)
  • Go in ruku posture then rise from ruku and Go in sujood (Sajda) posture as above and perform two sujoods again.
  • Recite "Tashahhud" 
How to do (pray) Dua e istikhara step by step
How to do (pray) Dua e istikhara step by step 
  • Recite Durood
How to do (pray) Dua e istikhara step by step
How to do (pray) Dua e istikhara step by step
  • Salam right "As-salamu Alaykum wa Rahmatullah"
  • Then salam left "As-salamu Alaykum wa Rahmatullah"
Congrats, you just finished your two Rakat of dua e istikhara prayer.
Now, follow the last and most important step of Dua e istikhara prayer.

Dua e istikhara Step 4: 
Then after the prayer, recite Dua e istikhara.
How to do (pray) Dua e istikhara step by step
How to do (pray) Dua e istikhara step by step
After reciting Dua e istikhara then name (mention) your matter/need.

That’s it!!!! 

This is the proper, authentic and the easiest way to perform dua e istikhara prayer as per the hadiths.

Now, leave everything on Allah, trust Allah, Allah will guide you what is better for you.

Online istikhara:

It is possible to do online Dua e istikhara?
If you search for online istikhara on the internet, you will find hundreds of websites to do online istikhara with some fees, but unfortunately, it not possible and it does not work in that way. 

The only you (concerned person) have to do Dua e istikhara and don’t worry it is very easy to perform. Above we have given the proper way to perform istikhara as per hadith. 

Dua e istikhara for marriage:

1) Can you do Istikhara for marriage?
According to hadith, everyone should perform istikhara “in all matters”. It means you can do istikhara for your marriage also.

2) What is Istikhara? How do I do Istikhara for marriage?
Istikhara means asking for good; by performing istikhara we are asking Allah to guide us what is better for us. istikhara is very easy to perform, you need to pray two Rakat salah, after finishing your salah, recite the dua e istikhara and mention the name of him/her and your concerned matter. Ask Allah about him/her.
For example,
 “Is XYZ is the right person to get married?”
“If XYZ is good for me, then help me, guide me to get married”

3) Is Istikhara always right for an arranged marriage?
Can Istikhara be wrong in the case of marriage?
Istikhara is a dua to ask help to seek guidance from Allah. When you ask for guidance Allah will never misguide you. 

Allah knows what is good for you, he is the best planner. So, istikhara never be wrong and always right in all matters. You just need to perform istikhara in the right proper way and trust Allah.

4) Is istikhara compulsory for marriage?
istikhara is not compulsory for marriage but, as mentioned in hadiths istikhara one should perform dua e istikhara in all matters. So, one should perform istikhara for marriage, so Allah will guide you to decide a good life partner and to live better-married life. 

Dua e istikhara FAQs:

People also ask

1) Why do we pray Istikhara?
istikhara means asking good from Allah, seeking guidance from Allah for better, asking Allah’s help for a good decision, because Allah is the best planner and Allah knows what is better for you, so we pray istikhara for Allah’s guidance for better life decisions and we trust Allah.

2) Is istikhara always true?
3) Is istikhara always correct?
4) Is istikhara always right?
First, you need to understand what is istikhara is? istikhara is a dua, where you ask Allah for guidance for better decisions.
Asking Allah for good is the meaning of istikhara. And Allah is the best planner and Allah knows what is better for you. 

Allah knows what is right for you. By using dua e istikhara, you are asking guidance from Allah, and Allah will never misguide you. So, istikhara is always true and right for you.

Is this necessary to sleep on the namaz mat after istikhara?
No, it is not necessary to sleep on the namaz mat after istikhara. It is not related to istikhara namaz.

5) After istikhara I have bad dreams so what is its conclusion or result?
istikhara does not have any relation with dreams, there is no hadith of dreams in istikhara. If you dreamed about the concerned matter for which you did istikhara, better to do one more time for more clarity.

6) Before reading istikhara namaz we must read Surah Yaseen or Surah Baqarah?
No, there is no such compulsion to read surah Yaseen or surah Baqarah. You just have to perform istikhara in a proper way.

7) Can your parents do istikhara for you?
Yes, only when the concerned matter is directly related to parents. For example, the decision on child school admission as the child is too small to perform istikhara.

8) Can we perform namaz istikhara for someone else without informing them?
No, you cannot perform istikhara namaz for someone else, only the concerned person needs to perform istikhara namaz.

9) Can I do more than two or 3 Dua in one istikhara?
No, you cannot. istikhara is only one dua, which has to be done after two Rakat nafil salah, you need to do one istikhara dua to complete istikhara, once your istikhara completed, later you can do the dua you want.

10) Can we ask two things in the same istikhara?
Yes, you can ask two things in the same istikhara but remember both things must be related to each other; otherwise, you have to do istikhara separately for both things.

11) Do you have to get istikhara on Thursday?
No, there is no such condition of Thursday for istikhara prayer; you can do istikhara whenever you want.

12) Can I do istikhara for disease?
Yes, you can do istikhara for your disease and seek guidance for better treatment, better physicians, etc. for better health from Allah.

13) Can we do istikhara for others?
 someone else do istikhara for you?
 istikhara be done for someone else?
 Does someone do istikhara on your behalf?
No, only the concerned person has to do istikhara prayer. No, others cannot do istikhara for you or on your behalf.
Like, if you want to get married then only you have to perform istikhara namaz, not your friend or relative.

14) Can istikhara change over time?
Yes, you can change istikhara over time. Suppose, a person decided to join in the workplace. So he did istikhara before joining, but due to some unavoidable circumstances now he wants to leave that job. He can do istikhara for leaving that workplace. And Allah will help, what is better for him.

15) What’s the blue color that indicates in istikhara?
There are no such color indications in istikhara. Also, no hadith mention any color or dream in istikhara.

16) I prayed Istikhara and I had a dream with both black and white, what do I follow?
Does the dream come after istikhara prayers are true?
istikhara does not have a relation with dreams, no hadith regarding any dreams after istikhara prayer.

17) Is there any side effect of doing istikhara?
There are no side effects of doing dua e istikhara, in fact with the help of istikhara you are asking help from Allah to guide you which is better for you. And Allah never misguides anyone. Allah knows what is right for you.

18) If Istikhara is supposed to facilitate what is good for me, then why am I struggling so much?
Everyone struggles. Struggling is a part of life. In fact struggling is better because without a struggle no one can succeed in life. And if you are struggling after istikhara, then it must be better for your future because Allah knows what is better for you, trust Allah.
If your struggle is unbearable and you are deciding to change in life for fewer struggles then you should do one more istikhara, and ask guidance from Allah, Trust Allah, Allah will guide you again for a better life.

19) Can I do Istikhara to get good grades in an exam?
Yes, you can do dua e istikhara to get good grades in an exam, you need to do istikhara and ask Allah to guide you to which books to read, which note’s to refer, etc. sure Allah will help you. Trust Allah.

20) How do I do Istikhara?
What is the proper way to do Istikhara?
istikhara prayer is very easy to perform. As per hadith, you just have to perform two Rakat salah other than obligatory farz salah.
Means you have to perform two Rakat nafil salah, after finishing salah you have to read the dua e istikhara with naming your concerned matter. That’s it.
Above we have given the proper and easiest way to perform istikhara as per hadith.

21) At what time should Istikhara be done?
There is no time condition to perform dua e istikhara, you can do istikhara whenever you want.

22) How can I do Istikhara for my divorce problem?
You need to perform istikhara in the right way, and ask help from Allah regarding your divorce problem; sure, Allah will guide you which is better for you. 

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