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Thursday, April 30, 2020

What are 99 names Of Allah

In one of the hadith, there are 99 names of Allah (Asma ul Husna), these names are also called 99 attributes of Allah.

This is the Hadith of Abu Hurairah Radiyallahu 'anhu where  Rasulullah Sallallahu 'alaihi wasallam said that “ there are nighty nine names of Allah, one-hundred less one and the one who memorizes 99 names of Allah enters in paradise(Jannat).

And in one of the hadith Rasulullah Sallallahu 'alaihi wasallam said: Al-Salam is one of the names of Allah, which Allah sent down on earth, therefore spread the salam in Muslims.

Asmaul Husna Meaning:

Asmaul husna is an Arab word which means Beautiful, Beautiful names of Allah.
These 99 names are Allah’s are widely adopted by Muslim parents as their child name and you will find that these names of Allah are very common in society.

People Also Ask (FAQ) about 99 Names of Allah:

  • How many gods are there in Islam?
Islam only has ONE god, which is Allah. And believe there is none worthy of worship

  • Why are there 99 names of Allah?
In one Hadith about 99 names of Allah’s are given but below that hadith, it is clearly mentioned in NOTE by Mazahir-e- Haque that, Allah doesn’t have only 99 names, there are more many other names are mentioned in other hadiths and the Quran, and out of these names only these beautiful 99 names of Allah are mentioned in one hadith.
Refer: Muntakhab Ahadith (English), Hadith No.82

  • Which is the most powerful name of Allah?
All names of Allah are powerful and beautiful, I think the name AL-QAWI is the most powerful because of its English meaning - The Most Powerful.

  • Why are the 99 names of Allah important?
As per the Hadith, the one who memorizes 99 names of Allah enters Paradise (Jannat).

  • Who knows Allah's 100th name?
In one Hadith only 99 names of Allah’s are mentioned but there are more than 99 names, other names are mentioned In the Quran and other hadiths.

  • Can you read 99 names of Allah without Wudu?
Yes, you can read 99 names of Allah without wudu, wudu is required for salah (namaz) and while reading the Quran, but better do wudu that will give you more sawab.

  • Does Allah have 100 names?
  • How many names does Allah have?
Allah has more than 100 names, in only one hadith they are listed beautiful 99 names, and other names are mentioned in the Quran and other hadiths.

  • What are the 99 names of Allah?
  • What are the 99 names of Allah and their meaning?
All 99 names of Allah with their meaning in English are given below.

Meaning of 99 names of Allah in English:

(Asmaul Husna)

1) AR-RAHMAAN الرحمن
Is AR-RAHMAAN the name of Allah? What does AR AR-RAHMAAN mean?
The Meaning of AR-RAHMAAN is -The Compassionate.

2) AR-RAHEEM الرحيم
Is AR-RAHEEM the name of Allah? What does AR-RAHEEM mean?
Yes, AR-Raheem is the name of Allah,
The Meaning of AR-RAHEEM is -The Most Merciful.

3) AL-MALIK الملك
Is AL-MALIK the name of Allah? What does AL-MALIK mean?
The Meaning of AL-MALIK is- The King.

4) AL-QUDDUS القدوس
What does AL-QUDDUS mean?
The Meaning of AL-QUDDUS is- The Most Holy.

5) AS-SALAM السلام
What does AS-SALAM mean?
The Meaning of AS-SALAM is- The Granter of peace and Free of all Blemishes.

6) AL-MU’MIN  المؤمن
AL-MU’MIN is the name of Allah, the Meaning of AL-MU’MIN is
- The Granter of safety and security.

7) AL-Muhaimin المهيمن
What does AL-Muhaimin mean?
AL-Muhaimin is the name of Allah,
The Meaning of AL-Muhaimin Meaning- the Guardian of all things.

8) AL-AZIZ العزيز
What does AL-AZIZ mean?
AL-AZIZ is the name of Allah; the Meaning of AL-AZIZ is- The Mighty.

9) AL-JABBAR الجبار
What does AL-JABBAR mean?
The AL-JABBAR Meaning is -The Overpowering.

10) AL-MUTAKABBIR الْمُتَكَبِّرُ
What does AL-MUTAKABBIR mean?
The Meaning of AL-MUTAKABBIR is- The Greatest in Majesty.

11) AL-KHAALIQ الخالق
What does AL-KHAALIQ mean?
The Meaning of AL-KHAALIQ is- The Creator.

12) AL-BARI’ البارئ
What does AL-BARI’ mean?
The Meaning of AL-BARI’ is- The One Who brings creation into being.

13) AL-MUSAWWIR المصور
What does AL-MUSAWWIR mean?
The Meaning of AL-MUSAWWIR is- The One Who designs and gives shape to the creation.

14) AL-GHAFFAR الغفار
What does AL-GHAFFAR mean?
The Meaning of AL-GHAFFAR is- The Continually Forgiving.

15) AL-QAHHAR القهار
What does AL-QAHHAR mean?
The Meaning of AL-QAHHAR is- The Most Dominant.

16) AL-WAHHAB الوهاب
What does AL-WAHHAB mean?
The Meaning of AL-WAHHAB is- The Most Generous Bestower.

17) AR-RAZZAQ الرزاق
What does AR-RAZZAQ mean?
The Meaning of AR-RAZZAQ is- The Provider.

18) AL-FATTAH الفتاح
What does AL-FATTAH mean?
The Meaning of AL-FATTAH is- The opener to the way to victory and mercy.

19) AL-‘ALIM العليم
What does AL-‘ALIM mean?
The Meaning of AL-‘ALIM is- The All-Knowing.

20) AL-QABID القابض
What does AL-QABID mean?
The Meaning of AL-QABID is- The Withholder of sustenance and life.

21) AL-BASIT الباسط
What does AL-BASIT mean?
The Meaning of AL-BASIT is -The Plentiful Giver.

22) AL-KHAFID الخافض
What does AL-KHAFID mean?
The Meaning of AL-KHAFID is -The Abaser.

23) AR-RAAFI’ الرافع
What does AR-RAAFI’ mean?
The Meaning of AR-RAAFI’ is -The Exalter.

24) AL-MU’IZ المعز
What does AL-MU’IZ mean?
The Meaning of AL-MU’IZ is -The Giver of honor and dignity.

25) AL-MUDHIL المذل
What does AL-MUDHIL mean?
The Meaning of AL-MUDHIL is -The Giver of disgrace.

26) AS-SAMI’ السميع
What does AS-SAMI’ mean?
The Meaning of AS-SAMI’ is -The All-Hearing.

27) AL-BASIR البصير
What does AL-BASIR mean?
The Meaning of AL-BASIR is -The All-Seeing.

28) AL-HAKAM الحكم
What does AL-HAKAM mean?
The Meaning of AL-HAKAM is -The Indisputable Judge.

29) AL-‘ADL العدل
What does AL-‘ADL mean?
The Meaning AL-‘ADL is -The Just.

30) AL-LATIF اللطيف
What does AL-LATIF mean?
The Meaning of AL-LATIF is -The Most Gracious.

31) AL-KHABIR الخبير
What does AL-KHABIR mean?
The Meaning of AL-KHABIR is -The All-Aware.

32) AL-HALIM الحليم

What does AL-HALIM mean?
The Meaning of AL-HALIM is -The Clement.

33) AL-‘AZIM العظيم
What does AL-‘AZIM mean?
The Meaning of AL-‘AZIM is -The Incomparably Great.

34) AL-GHAFIR الغفور
What does AL-GHAFIR mean?
The Meaning of AL-GHAFIR is -The All-Forgiving.

35) ASH-SHAKUR الشكور
What does ASH-SHAKUR mean?
The Meaning of ASH-SHAKUR is -The Grateful Rewarder and

36) AL-‘ALIYYU العلي
What does AL-‘ALIYYU mean?
The Meaning of AL-‘ALIYYU is -The Most High.

37) AL-KABIR الكبير
What does AL-KABIR mean?
The Meaning of AL-KABIR is -The Most Great.

38) AL-HAFIZ الحفيظ
What does AL-HAFIZ mean?
The Meaning of AL-HAFIZ is -The Protector.

39) AL-MUQIT المقيت
What does AL-MUQIT mean?
The Meaning of AL-MUQIT is -The Sustainer and Controller of all

40) AL-HASIB الحسيب
What does AL-HASIB mean?
The Meaning of AL-HASIB is -The Reckoner.

41) AL-JALIL الجليل
What does AL-JALIL mean?
The Meaning of AL-JALIL is -The Majestic.

42) AL-KARIM الكريم
What does AL-KARIM mean?
The Meaning of AL-KARIM is -The Generous and Benevolent.

43) AR-RAQIB الرقيب
What does AR-RAQIB mean?
The Meaning of AR-RAQIB is -The Watcher of all things.

44) AL-MUJIB المجيب
What does AL-MUJIB mean?
The Meaning of AL-MUJIB is -The Answerer and Responder.

45) AL-WASI’ الواسع
What does AL-WASI’ mean?
The Meaning of AL-WASI’ is -The Vast in His Knowledge and

46) AL-HAKIM الحكيم
What does AL-HAKIM mean?
The Meaning of AL-HAKIM is -The Most Wise.

47) AL-WADUD الودود
What does AL-WADUD mean?
The Meaning of AL-WADUD is -The Most Loving.

48) AL-MAJID المجيد
What does AL-MAJID mean?
The Meaning of AL-MAJID is -The Glorious and Exalted.

49) AL-BA’ITH الباعث
What does AL-BA’ITH mean?
The Meaning of AL-BA’ITH is -The Resurrector of the dead.

50) ASH-SHAHID الشهيد
What does ASH-SHAHID mean?
The Meaning of ASH-SHAHID is -The Witness.

51) AL-HAQ الحق
What does AL-HAQ mean?
The Meaning of AL-HAQ is -The Absolute True in His Being and

52) AL-WAKIL الوكيل
What does AL-WAKIL mean?
The Meaning of AL-WAKIL is -The Trustee

53) AL-QAWI القوي
What does AL-QAWI mean?
The Meaning of AL-QAWI is -The Most Powerful.

54) AL-MATIN المتين
What does AL-MATIN mean?
The Meaning of AL-MATIN is -The Most Firm.

55) AL-WALI الولي
What does AL-WALI mean?
The Meaning of AL-WALI is -The Loving Patron and Supporter.

56) AL-HAMID الحميد
What does AL-HAMID mean?
The Meaning of AL-HAMID is -The Praiseworthy

57) AL-MUHSI المحصي
What does AL-MUHSI mean?
The Meaning of AL-MUHSI is -The All-Knowing.

58) AL-MUBDI’U المبدئ
What does AL-MUBDI’U mean?
The Meaning of AL-MUBDI’U is -The Originator of Creation.

59) AL-MU’ID المعيد
What does AL-MU’ID mean?
The Meaning of AL-MU’ID is -The Re-Creator of Creation.

60) AL-MUHYI المحيي
What does AL-MUHYI mean?
The Meaning of AL-MUHYI is -The Giver of Life.

61) AL-MUMIT المميت
What does AL-MUMIT mean?
The Meaning of AL-MUMIT is -The Giver of Death.

62) AL-HAYY الحي
What does AL-HASIB mean?
The Meaning of AL-HASIB is -The ever living.

63) AL-QAYYUM القيوم
What does AL-QAYYUM mean?
The Meaning of AL-HASIB is -The Eternal Sustainer.

64) AL-WAAJID الواجد
What does AL-WAAJID mean?
The Meaning of AL-WAAJID is -The Self-Sufficient.

65) AL-MAAJID الماجد
What does AL-MAAJID mean?
The Meaning of AL-MAAJID is -The Grand.

66) AL-WAAHID الواحد
What does AL-WAAHID mean?
The Meaning of AL-WAAHID is -The One.

67) AL-AHAD الاحد
Is Al-Ahad name of Allah? What does AL-AHAD mean?
Al-Ahad is the name of Allah, The Meaning of AL-AHAD is -The Single.

68) AS-SAMAD الصمد
What does AS-SAMAD mean?
The Meaning of AS-SAMAD is -The One Who Depends on none and all others depend on Him.

69) AL-QADIR القادر
What does AL-QADIR mean?
The Meaning of AL-QADIR is -The Most Powerfully Able.

70) AL-MUQTADIR المقتدر
What does AL-MUQTADIR mean?
The Meaning of AL-MUQTADIR is -The Prevailing.

71) AL-MUQADDIM المقدم
What does AL-MUQADDIM mean?
The Meaning of AL-MUQADDIM is -The Advancer.

72) AL-MU’AKHKHIR المؤخر
What does AL-MU’AKHKHIR mean?
The Meaning of AL-MU’AKHKHIR is -The Delayer.

73) AL-AWWAL الأول
What does AL-AWWAL mean?
The Meaning of AL-AWWAL is -The First.

74) AL-AAKHIR الآخر
What does AL-AAKHIR mean?
The Meaning of AL-AAKHIR is -The Last.

75) AZ-ZAHIR الظاهر
What does AZ-ZAHIR mean?
The Meaning of AZ-ZAHIR is -The Manifest.

76) AL-BATIN الباطن
What does AL-BATIN mean?
The Meaning of AL-BATIN is -The Hidden.

77) AL-WALI الوالي
What does AL-WALI mean?
The Meaning of AL-WALI is -The Governor.

78) AL-MUTA’ALI المتعالي
What does AL-MUTA’ALI mean?
The Meaning of AL-MUTA’ALI is -The Sublime.

79) AL-BARR البر
What does AL-BARR mean?
The Meaning of AL-BARR is - The Amply Beneficent.

80) AT-TAWWAB التواب
What does AT-TAWWAB mean?
The Meaning of AT-TAWWAB is -The Acceptor of Repentance

81) AL-MUNTAQIM المنتقم
What does AL-MUNTAQIM mean?
The Meaning of AL-MUNTAQIM is -The Avenger.

82) AL-‘AFWU العفو
What does AL-‘AFWU mean?
The Meaning of AL-‘AFWU is -The Pardoner.

83) AR-RA’UF الرؤوف
What does AR-RA’UF mean?
The Meaning of AR-RA’UF is -The Benevolent, Sympathetic.

84) MAALIK-UL-MULK  مالك الملك
What does MAALIK-UL-MULK mean?
The Meaning of MAALIK-UL-MULK is -The Ruler of the Kingdom.

85) DHUL-JALAALI WAL-IKRAAM ذو الجلال و الإكرام
The Meaning of DHUL-JALAALI WAL-IKRAAM is -The Sustainer of Majesty and Splendor.

86) AL-MUQSIT المقسط
What does AL-MUQSIT mean?
The Meaning of AL-MUQSIT is -The Most Equitable.

87) AL-JAAMI’ الجامع
What does AL-JAAMI’ mean?
The Meaning of AL-JAAMI’ is -The Gatherer.

88) AL-GHANI الغني
What does AL-GHANI mean?
The Meaning of AL-GHANI is -The Self-Sufficient, Independent.

89) AL-MUGHNI المغني
What does AL-MUGHNI mean?
The Meaning of AL-MUGHNI is -The Granter of Wealth and Sufficiency.

90) AL-MANI’U المانع
What does AL-MANI’U mean?
The Meaning of AL-MANI’U is -The Depriver.

91) AD-DARRU الضآر
What does AD-DARRU mean?
The Meaning of AD-DARRU is -The Afflicter of Harm.

92) AN-NAFI’ النافع
What does AN-NAFI’ mean?
The Meaning of AN-NAFI’ is -The Granter of Benefits.

93) AN-NUR النور
What does AN-NUR mean?
The Meaning of AN-NUR is -The Light.

94) AL-HADI الهادي
What does AL-HADI mean?
The Meaning of AL-HADI is -The Guide.

95) AL-BADI’ البديع
What does AL-BADI’ mean?
The Meaning of AL-BADI’ is -The First Causer and Creator.

96) AL-BAQI الباقي
What does AL-BAQI mean?
The Meaning of AL-BAQI is -The Enduring.

97) AL-WARITH الوارث
What does AL-WARITH mean?
The Meaning of AL-WARITH is -The Inheritor.

98) AR-RASHID الرشيد
What does AR-RASHID mean?
The Meaning of AR-RASHID is -The Perfect Director.

99) AS-SABUR الصبور
What does AS-SABUR mean?
The Meaning of AS-SABUR is -The Most Forbearing.

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