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Sunday, September 27, 2020

Dua for sleeping difficulty, sleeping problems & insomnia

In this article, you will find Dua for sleeping and Dua for sleeping Difficulty sleeping problems & insomnia. In this article, you also find Dua for Fear of sleeping, nervousness, or sleeplessness.


These are effective dua's for sleep is really helpful for sleeping at night and given in many hadiths.


Sunnah of sleeping at night

When you intend to sleep,

Do the wudu, (Read:- How to perform Wudu in easy steps )

and sweep the bed three times,

then lie on the right side,

and keep the right hand under the head or cheek,

and read Dua for sleeping three times.

Following the Sunnah & reciting Dua before sleeping is very powerful to cure your sleeping difficulty.

Here are some effective dua for sleeping peacefully at night.

1st Dua for sleeping:-

Allahum-m keeni  Aja-ba-k Yau-m Tjmau Aiba-d-k. 

Meaning of Dua for sleeping:-

Ya Allah! Save me from your Azab (curse), on the day when you pick up your slaves.

Or you can recite this sleeping Dua.

 2nd Dua for sleeping:-

Here is one more Dua to read before sleeping.

Dua for sleeping difficulty, sleeping problems & insomnia
Dua for sleeping 

Meaning of sleeping Dua:-

Ya Allah! I took your name and I kept my side on the bed and will lift up by taking your name. If you stop my nafs (in sleep) (that is, give me death), then have mercy on my nafs and if you leave me alive, then protect it through your wonder, through which you protect Your righteous slaves.

Or here is another simple Dua for sleeping peacefully, which is most commonly recited before sleeping. 

3rd Dua for Sleeping:-

Allahum-m bismi-ka amootu wa ahyaa

Dua for sleeping difficulty, sleeping problems & insomnia
Dua for sleeping

Or recite another Dua before going to sleep peacefully.

 4th Dua for sleeping:-

Allahum-m Aslamtu Nafsi ilai-ka

wa Wajjahatu Wajhi ilai-ka

Wa Fawwajatu Amri ilia-ka

Wa Al-ja’atu Jahari ilai-ka

Ragbtaw Wa Rahbatan ilai-ka

La mal ja-a Wa La man-ja-a Min-k illa ilai-ka

Aamantu Bikitabi Kallaji Anjal-ta Wa bi Nabiyiy-kallaji Asrl-ta


Meaning of this Dua for sleeping:-

Ya Allah! I surrendered my life to you and turned to you and entrusted my work to you and me took your support, keeping your values ​​and fearing you, no place other than you and a place of escape, I brought Imaan on your book (The Holy Quran) which you are proud and I have obeyed your Rasul (SAW), whom you have sent.


Dua for sleeping the difficulty, sleeping problems & insomnia:-

If you are suffering from sleeping difficulty or sleeping problem or insomnia here is the powerful Dua to help in your sleeping difficulties, problem, and insomnia.

Dua for Sleeping Difficulty

Allahum-ma Gaar Tinnujumu Wa Ha-da-Atil Auyoonu Wa Aan-ta Hayyun Kayyoomun La Taa’khuju-ka Si-na-tuw Wa-wala Naumun Ya Hayyu Ya Kayyumu Aahid Laili Wa Aanim Aini. 

Meaning of Dua for Sleeping Difficulty

The stars went away and the eyes took rest and you are alive and sustaining, you do not sleep or sleep. On this night who lives and sustains, give me rest, and put my eye to sleep.

Dua for Fear of sleeping, nervousness or Dua for sleeplessness

Aauju Biklimatillahi Ttammati Min ga-jabihi Wa Aikabihi Wa Sharri Aibabihi Wa min-ha-ma-jatishshyatini Wa Ayya Hajurun.  


Meaning of Dua For sleeplessness

For the sake of Allah, I seek refuge from Allah's glory and from the evil of his blessings and the evil of Allah’s slaves, and from the devils' masons coming to me.

This Dua is a powerful Dua for Protection from all evil.

Things to read at night before sleep as per hadith

Swallalahu Alaihi Wasallam (PBUH) said:

1.If you lay on the bed for sleep and read surah Fatiha and surah Ikhlas then you are fearless except for death.

2.When you lay on the bed for sleep recite surah kafirun.

3.When SAW (PBUH) lie down on the bed for sleep he used to recite Surah Ikhlas and surah falaq and surah nas, then blow on both palms and rub on almost the whole body starting from the face. He used to do it three times.

4.Recite 33 times SubhanAllah then 33 times Alhumdullilah and 34 times Allahuakbar before sleeping.

5.Read Ayatul Kursi before sleep, Allah will appoint one angle to protect you whole night from evil.

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