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Sunday, October 11, 2020

Dua before Eating

In this article, you will find the dua before eating with its English meaning. Here we also have given the dua after eating food with meaning in English.


1) Wash hands before eating

2) Read Dua before eating

3) Eat while sitting

4) Eat with the right hand only

5) Eat what you have, do not disrespect food.

6) Eat with the first three fingers.

7) Clean the plate, do not leave any food.

8) Read Dua after eating.


Dua before eating food:

You should always read this Dua before eating food.

Bismillahi Wa Ala Ba-ra-katillah.

Dua before eating meaning:

I started eating in the name of Allah and on Allah's Prosperity.

dua before eating
dua before eating
If you forgot Dua before eating and started eating your food then you can recite this Dua instead.

Bismillahi Awaalhu wa Aakhi Rahu.

I took the name of Allah before and after it.

If Bismillah is not read before eating food, the devil gets a chance to eat the food.

When you finished your food, and then read Dua after eating.

Dua after eating:

Aal Humdu Lillahillaji Ata-a-ma-na Wa Sakana Wa Ja-a-la-na Minal Muslimin. 

Dua after eating meaning:

All praise is for Allah, the who fed us and made us Muslim. 

Dua after eating
Dua after eating

Or you can read this 2nd Dua after eating:

Aal Humdu Lilla Hillaji Hu-wa Aash-Ba-aa-na Wa Awarna Wa Aan-aa-ma Alaina Wa Aaf-ja-la.

All praise is for Allah, the who filled our stomach and rewarded us and gave many.


Here is the 3rd Dua after eating:

Allahum-ma Barik Lana Fihi Wa Ata’aimna Khairam Minhu.

Oh, Allah! Bless us in this and give us better than this.


Also, you can this 4th Dua after eating:

Aal Humdu Lillahillaji Aat Aa-ma-ni  Hajttaa-ma Wa Ra-ja-kanihi Mir Gairi Houlim Minni Wa La Kuwwatin.

All praise is for Allah, the who fed me this food and destined me without my strength and effort.

After reading this, the previous sins are forgiven.


Dua for drinking milk:

Read this given dua when you are drinking milk.

Allahum-ma Barik Lana Fihi Wa Jid Na Minhu.

Meaning of Dua for drinking milk:

O Allah, give us blessings in this and give us more.

Dua for drinking milk
Dua for drinking milk

Dua for eating at guest house:

When you eat at a relative or friend’s home or guest house, then read this Dua:

Allahum-ma Ataaim Man Ata-aa-ma-ni Waski Man Sakani.

Meaning of Dua for eating at guest house:

Oh, Allah! Who fed me, you feed him and who give me a drink, you give him a drink.

Dua for eating at guest house
Dua for eating at the guesthouse

Hope you liked the article on dua for eating, dua for drinking milk, and dua for eating at the guesthouse.

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