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Sunday, October 4, 2020

Dua e hajat & how to perform salatul hajat dua

The article is about Dua e hajat & how to perform salatul hajat perfectly step by step.

Here we have given Dua e hajat which to be recited after salah (namaz) with Dua e hajat English translation, transcription, and meaning in English. Also, we have added in detailed the steps to be performed in salatul hajat dua.

Dua Meaning:

The meaning of hajat is “need”. If you need anything or anyone in life from the Allah, you have to perform salatul hajat namaz and after that, you have to recite this given hajat Dua.


Dua e Hajat in English Translation:

 La ila-ha illallahul Halimulkarimu Subhanllahi Rabbil Aashril Ajeem Wal Humdu Lillahi Rabbil Aa-la-mi-n Assaluk mujibaati Rahamati-ka Wa Ajai-m Magfi-ra ti-ka Wal Gani-ma-ta Min Kulli Biriwawassala-ma-ta Min Kulli ismin La Tada’a Li Jamban illa Gafar-tahu Wa La Hamman illa Farraj-tahu Wa La Ha-ja-tan Hi-ya La-ka Rijan illa Ka Jai-ta-ha Ya Arhamrrahimin.

Dua e Hajat English Meaning:

There is no one exists except Allah, who is Haleem and Karim. Allah is the pak (purest), who is the god of the great throne and all praise is to Allah. O Allah, I question you the things which are worthy of your mercy and the things that make your forgiveness and want my share in every good deeds and protection from every gunah (crimes). O greatest merciful, Do not leave any of my crime without sparing, and without taking away the sadness, and any need, which you like.

What is Salatul Hajat Namaz and How to Perform It?

Salat e hajat is nothing but the two rak’at nafil namaz, which is to be performed when you need something or someone from Allah. Here is the right way to perform Dua e hajat.

How to perform Dua e hajat:

Hajat Dua is two rak’at nafil namaz. 

Here are the 4 steps in which you can perform salat e hajat.

Step 1) Perform your Wudu and make the intension of salatul hajat dua.

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Step 2) select a neat and clean place to perform and face toward Kaaba and start your two rak’at of salatul hajat.

Step 3) start your first rak’at:

Recite “Allahu Akbar” then isteftah Dua, Ta’awwuz and Tasmiah.

dua e Hajat, hajat dua, salatul hajat

after then recite surah fatiha.

recite anyone surah you know orderly and say Allahu akbar and go in the ruku position.

dua e Hajat, hajat dua, salatul hajat

after ruku and recite “Samiallah Huliman Hamida” and then “Rabbana lakal Hamd”

dua e Hajat, hajat dua, salatul hajat

and go in sujood and say Subhanna Rabbiyal A'laa three times.

dua e Hajat, hajat dua, salatul hajat

then sit on knees and go again for the second sujood, and say Allahu Akbar and stand for second rak'at.

Perform the second rak'at the same as given above but recite different surah other than first rak'at.

at the end of two sujood of second rak'at, read the "tashahud"

dua e Hajat, hajat dua, salatul hajat

then read durood 

dua e Hajat, hajat dua, salatul hajat

and in the last salam to the right side then left side.

dua e Hajat, hajat dua, salatul hajat

Till here we have completed the two rak'at nafil of salatul hajat, now the last and most the important step is, to read the dua e hajat.

Dua e hajat:

dua e hajat
Dua e hajat

that's it!!!

it is the proper and easiest way to perform salatul hajat dua.

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