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Friday, October 9, 2020

Dua after adhan with adhan dua meaning in English

In this article, you will find the Dua during adhan and Dua after adhan. Here we have also given the meaning of Dua after adhan in English.

The adhan is also called as azan in some parts of the county, which means call for prayer or namaz.

Dua during Adhan:

Here is the dua during adhan, this adhan dua is to be recited during the adhan.

Ashahadu Allah illa-ha illalahu Wahadahu La Shari-ka Lahu Wa Ashahudu An-na Muhammadan Abduhu Wa Rasaluhu Rajitu Billahi Rabban Wa Bimuhammadin Rasulan Wa Bil Islami Deenan.

Meaning of Adhan Dua:

I testify that there is no one exists except Allah, he is lonely, he has no share and I also testify that Muhammed SAW (PBUH) is his follower and his rasul. I agree to accept Allah as god and Muhammed SAW is as Rasool and Islam as my deen.

As per hadith upon hearing the voice of Adhan, the person who reads Dua after adhan, his crimes will be spared.

Also, Hadith says the person who answers the adhan with dua, has a paradise. 

That’s why you have to answer the adhan when Muezzin gives adhan, repeat the adhan in silent and when he says Hay-ya Allssalah: and Hay-ya Alal Falah, you have to reply with La Haul Wa La Kuwwat illa Billahi.

Dua after Adhan

Here is the Dua to be recited after adhan with meaning in English.

Allahum-ma Rab-ba Haji Hidda’wati Ttammati Wassalatil Kaimati Aati Muhammadnil Wasi-la-ta Wal Faji-la-tawab Asad Makamam Mehmud-nillaji Wa’attahu inn-na-ka la Tukhliful Mia’ad.

dua after adhan
dua after adhan

Dua after Adhan Meaning:

O, Allah! The God of this whole call and the God of the offering prayers provide support to Muhammad SAW (PBUH), (who is a status of Jannat), and provide benefits to him and praise him at the highest level, which you have promised. Of course, you do not act against your promises.

Reciting Dua after adhan having its own importance and As per Hadith by reading this Dua After adhan the Shifaat of Allah’s Rasool Muhammad SAW (PBUH) becomes valid.


So, Kindly read this adhan dua always.


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