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Monday, October 26, 2020

Dua for leaving home with Dua for entering the home

The article includes Dua for leaving home with Dua for entering the home in English. And here we have also given the Dua for leaving home translation, transliteration in English. Also, we have mentioned the hadith on Dua for leaving home and hadith on Dua for entering the home, respectively.


Dua for Entering Home:

Allahum-ma inni As’alu-ka Khairal Maulaji Wa Khairal Mkhraji Bismillahi Wa Lajna Wa Bismillahi Kharjna Wa Alallahi Rabbina Tawakkalna.

Dua for entering the home translation:

Oh, Allah! I ask you to enter well and go out well. We came out in the name of Allah and we trusted Allah, who is our Lord.

After this, when you enter the home, say Assalam Walekum to your all family members.


Dua for entering home
Dua for entering home

Hadith on Dua for entering the home:

As per hadith, When a person enters their home and mention Allah, then Satan tells his companions that he cannot stay here at night and if a person does not mention Allah while entering the house, Satan tells his companions that here you Got a chance to stay the night.


Dua for leaving home:

Bismillahi Kharajatu Wa Tawakkaltu Alallahi La Hau-l Wa La Kuwaat illa Billahi.


Dua for leaving home translation:

I came out with the name of Allah, I trusted Allah, and it is from Allah to protect us from crimes and to give strength to the righteous.


Dua for Leaving home
Dua for Leaving home

Hadith on Dua for leaving home:

Hadith says When a person comes out of the house and reads it, he is given (secretly)call that your needs will be fulfilled and you will be saved from harm and on hearing these words Satan withdraws from him, that is, he is stopped from seducing and hurting him.


Then see towards the sky and say this Dua:

Allahum-ma inni Aauju Bi-ka Aan Aajil-l Aou Ujal-l Aou Ajli-m Aou Ujlm Aou Ajh-l Aou Ujha-l Al Ya-ya.

Meaning of Dua for leaving home: 

Oh, Allah! I want your shelter from being misled or misguided or tortured or persecuted, or harried, or harried by me.

After reading the importance of dua for entering and leaving the house, hope you all recite Dua before entering the house and Dua before leaving the house.

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