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Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Dua for waking up

Here you will find the Dua for waking up with its translation and meaning of Dua for waking up in English. Also, you will find morning dua with its meaning.

1st Dua for the morning:

This Dua is to be recited in the morning.

Dua for morning


Allahum-ma Inni As’aluk Khai-r Hajal Yau Mi Fathhu Wa Nasrhu Wa Nu-r Hu Wa Ba-ra-ka-tahu Wa Hudahu Wa Aaujubi-ka Min Sharri Ma Fihi Wa Sharrima Ba’ad Hu.


For us and all the countries only Allah has made the morning, which is the Lord of the whole world.

Oh, Allah! I ask you for the betterment of this day, the victory and help of this day, and the light and prosperity and guidance of this day, and want your refuge from the evil of the things that are in it and what will happen after that.

Or you can recite another Dua for the morning when you wake up.


2nd Dua for morning:

Allahum-ma Bi-ke Asbah’na Wa Bi-ka Amsaina Wa Bi-ka Nah’ya Wa Bi-ka Namutu Wa ilaikal Masiru.


Oh, Allah! By your nature we entered in the morning and by your nature we entered in the evening and by your nature we live, die, and go towards you.


After sunrise, read this dua.

morning Dua after waking up:

Alhumdu Lillahillaji Aka-La-Na Yao-Ma-Na Haja Wa Lam Yahilakna Bijunubina.

Dua after waking up meaning:

All the praises are for Allah, who has kept us clean on this day and did not cause us to falter due to the crimes.


1st Dua for waking up:


Meaning of Dua for waking up:

All compliments are for Allah. The one who killed us then spared our life and we have to go up towards him.

Dua for waking up
Dua for waking up

2nd Dua for waking up:


Dua for waking up meaning:

All praise is for Allah, who makes the dead alive, and he keeps on seeing everything.

Dua for waking up

 hope you will read the dua for waking in the morning.

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